TRANSIT Professional Traning


Professional Training and Development Workshop serie

These are one- or two-day workshop in which trainees have the opportunity to interact closely with other trainees, Government agencies, Industry and Universities partners that will enhance their skills. Also it will allow them to exchange ideas, and build up their networking.

Description: A one-day Professional Training workshop at CISCO R&D division was organized jointly with NSERC TRANSIT team members.
The workshop covers the professional deleopment modules on:
- Networking and Communication
- Career preparation
- management
Description: A one-day Professional Training workshop at NRC-Flight Research Lab Division was organized jointly with NSERC TRANSIT team members.
Dave Stubbs (President, Neurotronics Solutions Inc.)
Description: This one-day workshop provided an overview of Neutronics Solutions into the Intelligent Transportation market. The president of the company provided practical demonstration of their products and described their business model, as well as what their market sector expects from professionals and candidates for working in the company. The speaker also described the structure of project development adopted in the company, exemplifying with their latest product released in the market targeting IoT and smart connected vehicles.
Startups: concerns and highlights
This one-day workshop provided a through overview on skill set needed from IT professionals towards facing the challenges in Startups. The workshop shared with the trainees the extensive experience of Sonny Chaiwala, CEO of BitFence Inc. The workshop covered the traditional professional concepts, such as project management, leadership, time management, and communication skills, but illustrated with a vast set of success experiences that reaffirmed their importance and applicability in achieving positive outcomes in IT business.
Stephane Blouin, Ph.D., P.Eng. (DRDC, Canada)
Description: This workshop was provided by Stephane Blouin, Ph.D., P.Eng., who is a senior engineer at Defence Research and Development Canada. In the first part of the workshop, he discussed the major challenges in regarding sensors networks and applicability on Intelligent Transportation Systems. In the second part of this workshop, there was a discussion over the projects in DRDC, Canada. This part provide a thorough insight on the expected profile of IT professionals to work at DRDC and which skills are a must for a successful career in the organization.
Liam Peyton, University of Ottawa, Canada
Description: This workshop is conducted with highly qualified professionals in many areas. The trainees will know the key roles of leadership and professional business development within the ITS context and automotive sectors, as well as how to enhance their professional development skills and learn how to create a business and manage a large scale project.
Tony Z. Qiu (University of Alberta and Emil Petriu (University of Ottawa)
Description: Project and Implementation of Smart Transportation Infrastructures
Gilbert Arbez, Univeristy of Ottawa
Description: This one-day professional development workshop revisited the critical aspects on project management and who they affect software design. Describing the project cycle around intelligent automotive systems, the workshop delineated the key elements that are needed in developing systems, such as implementation, testing, and scale. The particular needs for dealing with these aspects influence the project management for dealing with production flow of projects without compromising the design of systems.
Description: This one-day workshop has been facilitated by MarK Pearson, a business development manager of the Innovation Support Services at the University of Ottawa. Focused on the sensitive elements of Intellectual Property, he demonstrated the importance of technology transfer towards the success of projects in the market. Consequently, protecting ideas and concepts behind develop products is essential, mainly in the IT sector, where replication can be easily applied. The workshop also showed the different methods that exist for protecting ideas and branding products and how this can fit in the context of projects of intelligent transportation systems.
Speaker: Marc Pearson (uOttawa Innovation Support Services).
Topic: Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property in ITS
Mr. Robert Delage, Robert and Muhammad, Tayyab, OC Transport
Description: A one-day workshop on ITS hands-on experiences and advanced ottawa OC-transit netwokring
Coordinated by Ali Benmeddour (Senior Research Officer - National Research Council Canada, Ottawa)
  • Overview of NRC and Intelligent Transportation
  • Project Management and Life Cycle in NRC: Study Case Analyses
  • Prototyping and Technology Transfer
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Hikmat El-Ajaltouni (CISCO)
Description: A one-day workshop hosted at CISCO Systems office in Ottawa and coordinated by Hikmat El-Ajaltouni. Read More..
Description: A one-day Professional Training workshop at NRC-Aerospace and Transportation Division was organized jointly with NSERC TRANSIT team members. Read More..
Gregory Richards, University of Ottawa, Canada
Arbez Gilbert, University of Ottawa, Canada
Sony Chaiwala (BitFence)
Description: This workshop is conducted with highly qualified professionals in many areas. The trainees will know the key roles of leadership and professional business development within the ITS context and automotive sectors, as well as how to enhance their professional development skills and learn how to create a business and manage a large scale project.
Adam Tracey, Lawyer / Patent and Trademark Agent, Nelligan O’Brien Payne LLP
Description: The workshop coverd the most important aspects of Patent, Trademark, Copyright, IP Licensing.
Mark Pearson, TTBT, University of Ottawa
Dr. Rajen Akalu, UOIT, Oshawa
Nolan Beanland, TTBT, University of Ottawa
Description: The workshop coverd how the trainee would be able to increase the impact of his/her research through technology transfer and industrial partnerships. As well as understanding the ramifications of law and regulations within the ITS and communcation technologies
Startups: concerns and highlights
Jeremy Gribben (Ajile), Hikmat El-Ajaltouni (CISCO), and Sony Chaiwala (BitFence)
Description: A one-day workshop hosted at BitFence that covers the basic early concerns on startups, which involve defining agreements on stackholders, establishing trademarks and patents, joining social media, observing competitors, and securing contracts. The workshop had as presenters Jeremy Gribben (Ajile), Hikmat El-Ajaltouni (CISCO), and Sony Chaiwala (BitFence). The presentions were provided in an interactive Q&A form for better knowledge absorption of the trainees.
December 2nd, 2015 (Wednesday)
Tour at the Wind Tunnel Facility in the Automotive Centre of Excellence (UOIT)
2:00 pm
John Komar, ACE (Director, Engineering and Operations)
Description: The tour displayed the facilities and the major projects, showing the different rooms for stress-testing prototypes.
December 3rd, 2015 (Thursday)
Business side in ITS
10:00 am
Dr. Hamid Akbari, UOIT
Description: Blanc Ride project Sharing rides to reduce cost and increase mobility - car pooling Matching algorithm Social app? Trust Financial incentives to driver Easines
Poster Presentations
2:30 pm
TRANSIT Student Presenters
Description: A set of student posters were displayed in parallel with the First GM Symposium hosted at ACE Facility, UOIT.
December 4th, 2015 (Friday)
Privacy and Security in Information and Communication Technology, and Intelligent Transportation Systems
9:00 am
Jesse Lacroix, Tosan Atele-willians, and Kushal Jasingh (UOIT)
Description: The presenters described the importance of maintaining privacy and security in information and communication technology, specifically in intelligent transportation systems, in light of promoting the development of applications and increasing the adoption of users and drivers.
Law and Regulations in Information and Communication Technology
2:00 pm
Dr. Rajen Akalu, UOIT
Description: A summary of the legal concerns over the most diverse aspects in intelligent transportation systems and the development of software in this field.
Networks and Positive Feedback
4:00 pm
Dr. Jeff Moretz, UOIT
Description: This talk pointed out the major aspects that drive the success of applications and solutions in the market. It specifically covered the influence that network of users present over the adoption and consumption of goods, increasing user demand.
December 5th, 2015 (Saturday)
Discussions and Final Remarks
9:00 am
Dr. Khalil El Khatib
Description: A discussion was organized and propelled by Dr. El Khatib with the TRANSIT trainees. This talk contemplated all topics covered in the previous three days of the workshop and concluded in the final remarks of this activity.
Overview of CISCO and its Market Share
9:00 am
Hikmat El Ajaltouni
Description: The talk provided a brief synopsis of the company and its position in the market, describing the projects in which it is investing efforts. Market Share
Demo on the CISCO Spark
11:00 am
Dalton Ross
Description: A demonstration, as well as a technical description, was presented about CISCO Spark, as well-connected collaboration platform. Together with the demo, technical challenges and interests were discussed with the audience. Major topics covered Jabber and compatibility with WebRTC.
CISCO Solutions and Development Projects
2:00 pm
Hikmat El Ajaltouni
Description: This talk pointed out the several CISCO solutions that are available in the market, as well as the ventures CISCO is making for the new projects. In the talk, a technical discussion covered routing and switching, wireless and mobile networks, network architectures, data centres, and SDN, highlighting their competitive importance in the market.
Demo the CISCO Telepresence Unit
4:00 pm
Kevin Dubois
Description: The demonstration showed the characteristics of the newest telepresence unit, IX5000. In the application scope of the market, the unit is used by government and industry widely. Overall technical characteristics were provided and the business model behind this solution.