The program of NSERC CREATE TRANSIT provides a set of intensive interdisciplinary training, professional development and ITS courses to trainees. The courses have been developed to target the required professional knowledge and skill set for their future career

ITS Intensive Courses
Courses are offered every year for the trainees. Please contact Dr. Robson De Grande for the current year schedule.

  • Advanced Wireless Ad Hoc Networking and Mobile Computing for ITS
    This course provides an introductory overview on wireless networking and mobile computing offering basic backgrounds and a starting point for students who will be working in the field of networking for Intelligent Transportation Systems.

  • ITS Interdisciplinary Topics: Intelligent Transportation Engineering
    This course cover essential ITS interdisciplinary topics, involving environmental engineering, and transportation systems and demand analysis. Additionally, topics on the regulatory, legal, and ethical on ITS, drivers, passengers, and on the implementation of its infrastructure will be taught.
Cross-disciplinary Courses
With focus on the training for successful professional careers, each course is organized as an extensive set of lectures that will be offered by TRANSIT co-PI and/or Collaborators. Please contact the program coordinator in order to register accordingly for these courses.

  • Law and ITS Course
    This course builds up on a series of lectures on Intellectual Property Laws with additional modules on liability issues arising from ITS

  • Professional Development Course
    This course is designed to prepare the trainees over the industry-required professional skills, which covers operations and project management, organizational behaviour, reasoning and critical thinking, and ethics and leadership skills.

  • Technology Transfer Course
    This course consists of a blended component for training on inventions, technology transfer, knowledge transfer, technology value, entrepreneurship, and commercialization.

Additional and Complementray Modules/Workshops

  • Professional Development Modules
    The professional training and development modules will be organized through one to two days workshops.

  • Hands-on Training through Workshops/Activities
    A set of training workshops will be offered to TRANSIT trainees given by with highly professionals and experts from academia, industries and governmental agencies.
The trainee should contact the program coordinator to register accordingly to those workshops/modules.

    TRANSIT trainees will have the ooportunity to do an internship or exchange with either an Industrial/Government or University partner. Students will be able to experience and deal with real challenges of the working environment.